La Dote di Manuvè

``La Dote di Manuvé`` is a project that means a lot to us, a wine that has been aging in capasone for 10 years.
A dedication to our grandmother Emanuela...

We used to spend whole days with her while our parents were busy working in the countryside and harvesting. She brought us up and taught us everything, from sacrifice to hard working, including the love for wine. She grew up surrounded by vineyards. She was a strong and independent woman who often refused to confine herself to the limitations imposed by society.

Her dowry…
All the capasoni used for the aging of this wine can be found in our barrique cellar and were part of our grandmother’s wedding dowry, Emanuela, when she married our grandfather Cosimo almost 70 years ago. What this wine represents is expressed by the label, designed to tell what she meant to us, to our grandfather and so to the company itself.

La Dote di Manuvé

This wine is dedicated to her, to Manuvé, as our grandfather used to call her.

For the creation of the label we decided to start from a picture of her when she was 15, age at which she got engaged to our grandfather, and from the flowers of her colorful foulards.


We were deeply moved when we took the picture off the frame and discovered that it hid a letter that she wrote in her own hands to our grandfather when he was in the army. From this we picked three words that were the most significant to us:


sempre (always), nostro (our), bene (love)

Like this you can always remember me. I think you'll never forget the love that binds us. I send you this picture with all the love I feel for you and I'll always be your girl Emanuela.
A unique sensorial experience...

“La Dote di Manuvé” is a wine produced from Primitivo grapes, aged for ten years in capasone.

Through the aging process it has lost some of its color and has acquired some unique tertiary aromas. It is an oxidative wine, slightly sweet and unexpectedly acidic.

In some ways,  it’s an unusual wine which goes beyond the conventional standards of appreciation.

Anyone opening a bottle of “La dote di Manuvé” will feel like they’re opening their own capasone: breaking and crumbling the seal, it will be like unleashing the love and poetry that this wine and its story hold.

Five hundred bottles each year and the number is not random: a capasone contains around 250 liters, but two capasoni never have the exact same capacity, since they are handmade by master potters in Grottaglie.

La Dote di Manuvé

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